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Top quality spices elevates the flavors of the dishes from ordinary to extraordinary. 

A classic Rube burger is not an ordinary hamburger. Each 12-ounce burger is ground in-house from AAA quality tenderloin. Essentially you are eating filet mignon. Accompanied by Rube’s famous French fries and garnished with the freshest veggies raises this burger to gourmet fare. 

Diners are offered fabulous dishes from a varied menu of continental cuisine. Although Restaurant Rube is renowned for its ribs, steak and homemade soups, equal attention is paid to the chicken, veal, fish and seafood selections.

Meet our Smoker

If you want authentic southern smoked barbecue ribs, then you need a Texas made smoker. Barbecue smoked meat is a way of life in the south. Rube's owner and keeper of the smokehouse, Lee Michaelson, took a trip down to Texas to learn about smokers and came back with one in tow.

Since 2006, Lee has been developing the craft of smoking meat and fish.

It’s an art. You need patience and more patience,” says Lee. "That’s because the meat is cooked slowly over low temperatures." Lee adds that “the mix of woods and the rub on the meat creates the unique flavors”. Lee currently uses a wood mixture of mostly sugar maple along with hickory and birch. “The sugar maple gives the slightly sweet smoke taste, hickory provides some tart and the birch a more wholesome flavor”.

Rube features top quality Quebec ​pork ​back ribs smoked and cooked to perfection. The Rube​ smoked ribs ​are the most popular item on the menu.

Lee Michaelson - OWNER

Antonio Napoli - KITCHEN

Rube Restaurant

147 Route 201

Rigaud, Quebec, J0P 1P0

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